Take Me Out to the Board Game! 

What is Clutch Baseball?

Clutch Baseball is a board game where you build a 26-man roster, a strategy card deck, and choose a coaching staff & a stadium card. Then compete against other players, and build your dream dynasty using a 6000 salary cap! 

Pitchers and Batters earn advantages using a 20 sided dice. Throw a mistake pitch, and you may get to use the 24 sided Power-Die! Play Strategy cards that are crafted around your "team build", and play your Coach Cards at the right moment to outsmart your opponent. 


All 2020 & 2021 cards will be LEGAL this year. 

Due to Covid-19 and the shortened season, expansion sets will be released throughout the year with updated players, icons, trades, signings, and more!


You can look for NEW re-prints of each "champion" LE set cards.

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What's New for 2021?

2021 builds on 2020 to create a robust 2 year set!

New top 10 overall icon qualification!