2020 Iowa Set (First Edition)

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This is a special release of 4 holographic Iowa cards!

Iowa Stadium, Cy Young, Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth

It also includes 2 new generations players and 2 additional guaranteed LE20 variants (Limited Edition, 20 copies) of existing 2020 player cards for a total of 8 cards in the pack.

Tom Seaver, Lou Brock

Additionally with this FIRST EDITION pack, you have a chance to pull an LE20 variant of any of the 4 Iowa themed cards, or either of the 2 generations players.


Pack H04 All-Star MVPs: 8 Player Cards

Iowa Stadium1911 Ty Cobb1975 Tom Seaver2020 Player VARIANT
1901 Cy Young1923 Babe Ruth1974 Lou Brock2020 Player VARIANT
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What's New for 2020?

New dynamic charts and CMD/OB that create more varied combinations!

New +3 Handedness bonuses!

Speed now has 25 results from 0E up to 24A!

Clutch now goes to +/-3 on Pitchers too!

New lower cost 4IP Starting Pitchers!