2020 Puerto Rico Set (First Edition)

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This special release holographic set is designed to compliment the existing set by adding 4 new cards themed to Puerto Rico stadium and Puerto Rican players.  It also includes 2 new generations players and 2 additional guaranteed LE20 (Limited to 20 copies) variants of existing 2020 player cards for a total of 8 cards in the pack.

Additionally with the first edition of this pack you have a chance at pulling an LE20 of any of the 4 Puerto Rican themed cards or of the 2 generations players.


Pack H02 Puerto Rico: 8 Player Cards

Puerto Rico Stadium1961 Orlando Cepeda1979 Bruce Sutter2020 Player VARIANT
1943 Hi Bithorn1966 Roberto Clemente1959 Nellie Fox2020 Player VARIANT
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