2020 Rule Changes



You have a 26 man roster with 13 position players, 9 in the Starting Line Up and 4 on the Bench, 5 Starting Pitchers and 8 Relief Pitchers, there is a salary limit of 6000 points.

Strategy Deck:

The strategy deck will now be 50 cards, with 3 common, 2 uncommon, 1 rare and ultra rare limit per card. There will no longer be a sidedeck. “2.0” cards still share deck limits with originals.

The Main Effect has to be in effect to use the Secondary Effects. The exception to this rule is when a Secondary Effect has a specific trigger, then it can apply even if the Main Effect doesn’t apply.

Coaching Staff:

Your Coaching Staff consists of 1 Bench Coach, 1 Hitting Coach and 1 Pitching Coach. They are separate from your Strategy Deck and can be used anytime.

Manager Cards:

2018 and 2019 Manager Strategy Cards no longer go in the Strategy Deck, if you want to use one of them they can be used as a Bench Coach on your Coaching Staff.

Doubling Up:

Stadium and Weather cards now count towards doubling up.

Three Batter Minimum Rule:

A Pitcher must pitch to 3 Batters before you can make a Pitching Change, the lone exception is if your Pitcher becomes tired before the minimum you can change pitchers.(Rules about when you can remove your Starting Pitcher remain the same.)

Intentional Walks (IBB):

If multiple batters are Intentionally Walked in a row, the next batter pitched to will receive +2 to the swing in addition to the +2 to his On-Base rating.

Pitcher Tiredness:

The old rules still apply for short series and non-official play.

The updated rule for Official League play is as follows:

A Pitcher is tired if he Pitched in 2 consecutive games for any amount of pitches, Pitched Tired in the previous game or Pitched more than 1 inning. 

If the pitcher pitched for more then:

-1 inning they are tired until they rest one game 

-2 innings they are tired until they rest 2 games

-3 innings they are tired until they rest 3 games 

-4 innings they are tired until they rest 4 games

Pitching more then 1 inning means that Pitcher recorded 3 outs then Pitched to another batter.

The Innings Limit listed on their card doesn’t change how much they have to rest if they pitch more then 1 inning. 

For the purposes of calculating Pitcher Tiredness 3 outs equals 1 inning.   

An example of different amounts of innings a Pitcher can Pitch without being tired depending on their Inning Limit (“x” is a rest day):

1 IP: 1/1/x 

2 IP: 2/x/2/x or 1/2/x

3 IP: 3/x/x or 2/x or 1/3/x/x or 1/2/x

Choosing to Intentionally Walk (IBB) a Batter doesn’t count as a Pitch, but if the Offense chooses to Sac Bunt that does count as a Pitch and can change how much your Pitcher has to rest.

If a Pitcher would be tired on his next Pitch, you can remove him from the game regardless of the 3 batter minimum.

You are only Pitching Tired if you roll a Pitch while Tired.  Which means successfully completing a double play can’t make your pitcher tired.

A Pitcher that is in the Starting Rotation will be tired after pitching in their scheduled game and needs to be rested 4 games no matter how many innings they pitched.

If a pitcher comes into a game tired and pitches he either has to rest the remaining games from his previous outing or if they pitch more then 1 inning tired they follow the tiredness guide. Whichever number is higher is how many games the pitcher has to rest before he is no longer tired.

What's New for 2020?

New dynamic charts and CMD/OB that create more varied combinations!

New +3 Handedness bonuses!

Speed now has 25 results from 0E up to 24A!

Clutch now goes to +/-3 on Pitchers too!

New lower cost 4IP Starting Pitchers!