Welcome to the new Clutch Blog and to get started we are goin to break out with a preview of the first part of Clutch 2021.  As a reminder due to the shortened season of 2020 we have made the decision to issue Clutch 2021 as a continuation rather than start over.  This means we will be picking up where we left off and starting out with Expansion 09!  This expansion is going to focus mostly on players that have earned icons for the 2020 season.  Other players in X09 will be covered in a later preview.

Let's go through this team by team, shall we?  You will notice that we are only going to cover 28 teams. Unfortunately Baltimore and Detroit don't have any players with icons at this time and so they will be left out of our blog party.


Kole is the sole representative for his team and will be rocking the HR icon this time around.


Atlanta has a swarm of players with icons this time around after a very successful 2020 campaign that almost saw them get to the WS.  They have a little bit of everything here and are led by 4 icon beast Freddie Freeman.