Announcing the Clutch Baseball 2019 Hall of Fame Limited Edition Set!

Once a year, the halls of baseball history grow a little larger, and the best in the game get etched into history. Let’s take a look at who will be included in this year’s Clutch Baseball Hall of Fame Limited Edition set!

Once a year, the halls of baseball history grow a little larger, and the best in the game get etched into history. This weekend, 6 more players will join the Hall of Fame, and their names will live on forever. To commemorate this, we’ve created a new Limited Edition set that showcases 4 of these players’ best seasons — among some of the best seasons of all time — and 2 new Strategy cards to help make history of your own. Let’s take a look at who will be included in this year’s Clutch Baseball Hall of Fame Limited Edition set!

The Hall of Fame set is available to purchase NOW in the Clutch Shop!


Mariano Rivera

It may seem backwards, but let’s begin where things usually end: with one of the most dominant Closers in baseball history. Mariano Rivera played in the majors for 19 years, all of them with New York, and spent 17 of them as their Closer. Over the course of his career, he established records (such as becoming the all-time Saves leader with 652) and reputations (his cut fastball was long-considered to be one of the toughest pitches to hit in the game) that would change the game. A 13-time All-Star, 3-time Saves leader, and 5-time World Series champion, Mariano becomes the first ever unanimous first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee in history. His new Clutch Baseball pitcher card is exactly what you’d expect from the Sandman: a chart with 18 outs and a 26+ HR, 6 Command against right-handed batters and 8 against lefties and switch-hitters, and of course, the maximum +2 Clutch.


Mike Mussina

Previously featured in the Clutch: Generations set as a Baltimore Starting Pitcher, we’re celebrating his induction to the Hall of Fame with the franchise he spent the second half of his career with, New York. A sixth-ballot Hall of Fame inductee, “Moose” joined New York a season after their 2000 Championship and retired a season before their 2009 Championship, becoming the first pitcher to retire following a 20-victory season since Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax in 1966. He becomes just the third Pitcher to carry the GG and K icons on their Clutch card (after fellow Hall of Fame inductees Greg Maddux and Bob Gibson) and should be able to ride his strong Command and Pitcher’s Chart to plenty of wins in Clutch Baseball.


Edgar Martinez

‘Gar made it! On his tenth appearance on the HOF Ballot, Edgar Martinez was finally voted in with over 84% of the votes. Instead of asking “Why him?” the common refrain seemed to be “Why did it take so long?,” and it’s easy to see why: 2,247 career hits over an 18-year career, every season of which was played in Seattle. Beyond just numbers and accolades (“Papi” may have saved baseball in Seattle with one swing in 1995) he was also considered to be the greatest right-handed batter of his time, and his numbers against left-handed pitchers is the stuff of legend. In fact, it’s that dominance that gives us a Clutch Baseball historical first: thanks to his +2 bonus against lefties, Edgar Martinez becomes the first batter card ever with a natural 17 On-Base. And whether it’s with 17 or 15, he’s sure to be an On-Base monster with just 2 outs on his chart and 3 icons. His Speed may be lacking, and he may be limited to the DH role, but you’re not here to see Edgar run or play defense, are you? Get some runners on and unleash this RBI machine on your opponents to show them who their “Papi” really is.


Roy Halladay

The second of two players in this year’s Hall of Fame class to have previously appeared in Clutch Baseball, Roy Halladay was previously seen as a 2018 Series 1 Pre-Order exclusive. That 2003 Toronto season was the first of his two Cy Young awards, and this set represents the second: his 2010 season with Philadelphia. Along with those two awards, and leading the AL and NL in wins during them respectively, Roy made 8 All-Star appearances, pitched a postseason No-Hitter, and threw a Perfect Game. Both of those efforts came in the year seen here, 2010, and that season gives us this incredible new starting pitcher card. For 8 innings, Halladay can carve up the opposition with 6 Command, a great chart, 4 icons, and the maximum +2 Clutch. Come on let the winning begin, the “Doc” is in!


Heroes Get Remembered,

Legends Never Die

What would a Hall of Fame set be without Strategy cards that were instant entries in the Clutch Baseball Strategy Card Hall of Fame? Based on one of the most famous phrases in baseball movie history, these two Strategy cards make the best players in the game even better. Right off the bat (or the mound), you get +1 to the Swing or Pitch for each icon your Batter or Pitcher has. That alone is powerful, but the secondary effect is what makes these Hall of Fame-worthy: discard a single card, and you can reduce your Mistake Pitch range by as many icons as your pitcher has — potentially making them impossible to throw! But watch out, because a batter can expand a pitcher’s Mistake Pitch range by as many icons as their card has (with no limit!). Make the most of those icons with these new cards and remember, kids: Heroes Get Remembered… but Legends Never Die!



The 2019 Hall of Fame Limited Edition pack will be available to order 7/16, and will begin shipping 7/17. The pack will cost $20.19 and includes 6 premium holographic cards (4 Player cards and 2 Strategy cards). Each player card is available in the 2019 base design (limited to 55), Hall of Fame Variant design (limited to 19), and Hall of Fame Nickname design (limited to 1).


But that’s not all!

This weekend, Clutch Developer Sean Norberg will been in and around Cooperstown, NY for the Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. While there, he will be handing out special promo editions of the player cards included in the this Limited Edition set. These are non-holographic versions of the base design, with a promo design on the back as well. One of these promo cards was designed for all six players being inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend. Including…


Harold Baines

Over the course of his 21-year career, Baines played for 5 teams, made 6 All-Star appearances, earned a Silver Slugger award, and won a World Series with Chicago in 2005. He was elected to the Hall of Fame by a panel of his peers, garnering 75% of the “Today’s Game” votes after failing to top 6.1% of the standard balloting. His 1984 season was chosen for this Clutch Baseball card. It represents his career fairly well: it doesn’t excel in any one area, but it doesn’t really have any glaring weaknesses either.

Lee Smith

For 18 years, with 8 teams, Smith was the Closer of his time. His 478 careers Saves are eclipsed only by fellow Hall of Fame inductees Trevor Hoffman (601) and Mariano Rivera (652). He led his league in Saves 4 times, won 3 Reliever of the Year Awards, and made 7 All-Star appearances. In 1991, Smith set an NL record with 47 saves for St. Louis, and was runner-up for the NL Cy Young Award. One of his best seasons came with Chicago in 1983 though, and that’s what was chosen for this Clutch Baseball card. Lee gets 5-to-6 Command for multiple innings with a 1-Mistake, 18-Out chart and both the Saves and All-Star icons.


The 2019 Hall of Fame Limited Edition set contains 4 Player Cards, 2 Strategy Cards, all premium holographic offerings, are available to order for $20.19 in the Clutch Shop! Each player card is available in the 2019 base design (limited to 55), Hall of Fame Variant design (limited to 19), and Hall of Fame Nickname design (limited to 1).