Clutch Baseball 2019 Series 3 Details!

With the trading deadline over, the rookie debuts having come and gone & the final year of the 4000 (oops, I mean 40) man September rosters being in the rear view mirror… the focus is now fully on to the end of the World Series, and for us… wrapping up Clutch Baseball 2019 with the launch of Series 3!  Clutch is back with a set thats bigger and spicier yet than the last series and jam packed with fun stuff.  Let’s run through some of what you can expect to see.

Clutch Baseball 2019: Series 3

In years’ past there has traditionally been just one mid-season set and that was it for the year.  Last year we did have the Generations 2018 set in the fall which was 80 great historical players plus 20 rookie base cards.  This year we are blowing that away by adding a full third main release (and yes it will include MORE generations players!).  Series 3 tips the scales at 280 cards.  Here is a full breakdown of what it contains:


  • 240 players, which combined with Series 1 & 2 expand the 2019 base player set to 780 players total. Of these 240 players, which are split as 120 pitchers and 120 batters… there are a whopping 50 rookie pitchers and 50 rookie batters! The set also adds 115 more veteran players, including recently passed Tyler Skaggs who will have a special “45” in memoriam logo on his card. In addition to that there are 25 new cards for players that were featured in S1 or S2 but have since switched teams. With the exception of 2 very late signed veterans (Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel), all the rest of the cards in Series 3 are based on current year stats!
  • Each rare player (16 pitchers and 16 batters) will be featured in both parallel insert sets, the 1/9 Shadow variants and the 1/1 Spectrum super variants.
  • 40 new Strategy Cards, including 8 Rares, 16 Uncommons and 16 Commons, bringing the total (along with LE strategy cards) to over 140 new strategy cards in 2019. The focus on strategy cards in Series 3 is primarily on balance, so trying to get more cards into aspects of the game that perhaps were lacking a little behind, a few more cards to increase power (no worries though, they shattered the home run record again this year so 2020 undoubtably will see more “power”) and in general just lots more options for building a specific type or balanced strategy deck.


The full Series 3 set will include all 280 base set cards.


Hold up there… we aren’t done… you know there are inserts coming again right?  What would be better than the 30 Ultra-Rare inserts found in Series 2?  Well… how about 40 of them?!  Once again they will split up amongst 3 different insert types as follows:


  • 20 Clutch: Generations inserts, building on the set introducted last year and expanded in Series 2… featuring 20 all-time great from across baseball history. These will also be limited to 99 copies each and will now be all holographic, and like last years set, will feature both a 1/9 variant with a color scheme paired to the decade each player is from, along with a 1/1 variant of each as well.


  • 12 Clutch: Traded inserts highlight some of the biggest trades over the past few decades from Rick Sutcliffe in 1984 to Zack Grienke just this past summer.  These are also limited to 99 copies each.


  • 8 Clutch: Postseason Heros inserts!  That’s right PSH returns for a 2nd year and celebrates some of the biggest players of postseasons past during a 100 year span from Christy Mathewson in 1905 through Albert Pujols in 2005.  These are also limited to 99 copies each.


Each booster pack in the 2019 Series 3 set will contain one of either an insert player (each a 1/99 LE) or a variant edition of one of the rare players in the base set or the Generations players (1/9 or 1/1 LE), meaning every pack contains something special!

Series 3 pre-orders will begin on Friday, November 1st at 9:00PM EST and will be available in the following formats:

  • Full Set ($99.99) – contains all 280 series 3 base set (240 Player cards, and 40 Strategy cards).   Normally a full set this size would be around $120-$130 but we are trying to keep this set more affordable.
  • Booster Packs ($19.99-$49.99) – Available in quantities of 3, 6, or 12 packs. Each pack will contain 1 ultra-rare card (either an insert card or a variant). Packs with Variants (odds are 1:6) will contain 1 Ultra-Rare Variant Player, 1 Rare, 4 Uncommons and 9 Commons. Packs with Inserts (odds are 5:6) will contain 1 Ultra-Rare Insert Player, 2 Rares, 4 Uncommons and 8 Commons.
  • Booster Boxes ($89.99) – Available in two varieties: 24 Series 3 Booster Packs, or 12 Series 1 Booster Packs and 12 Series 3 Booster Packs. Packs will contain 1 Ultra-Rare Variant or 1 Ultra-Rare Insert Player, plus 2 Rares, 4 Uncommons and 8 Commons.
    note – There are no Series 2 packs left so there will not be any booster boxes that contain Series 2 packs


There will be a very limited number of Premium Complete Sets — these include the entire 280 card base set, as well as each of the 40 limited edition insert cards — available as well. There will be up to a maximum of 48 of these made available and they will be priced at $149.99.  The Premium Complete Sets will be available to pre-order only the first 48 hours from November 1st to November 3rd.  Come 9:00PM EST Sunday night they will be removed from the site and insert cards will only be available in packs.


Plus, a limited edition 5 card bonus set for Pre-Orders over $50. – 4 players who had great rookie years… starter Mark Fidrych (1976), reliever Mark Eichhorn (1986), first baseman Bob Hamelin (1994), and centerfielder Fred Lynn (1975) – And as with the previous 2019 series… every preorder set will come with a chance at pulling an LE9 Shadow variant or an LE1 Spectrum super variant of any of these four players!  One lucky pack even has LE9 Shadows of ALL FOUR!

And the fifth card is the special new LE London Stadium which hosted games this year between Boston and New York (A).  London Stadium comes with a pretty realistic effect, which is -1 IP for all Starting Pitchers and +1 IP after the first 1-2-3 inning any Pitcher throws. Talk about a battle of the bullpens!

AND… all of our previous series and even a few products from 2018 are on SUPER blow out sale prices and would be perfect to grab to hit your preorder bonus level and give as gifts this Christmas season.

Visit on Friday, November 1st, starting at 9PM EST, to pre-order Clutch Baseball 2019 Series 3 which is scheduled to ship by Wednesday, November 27th!

The 2019 Clutch Baseball Tournament

We are proud to announce that we are returning to the great city of Philadelphia for the annual Clutch Baseball Tournament! Two years ago we had a fantastic inaugural tournament at Redcap’s Corner, so it was the obvious choice to return to for this year’s contest. Hopefully we’ll see some familiar faces, and plenty of new ones too!

Official Details

Where: Redcap’s Corner Official SiteFacebook3850 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104
When: Saturday, November 9th, 11 AM to 8 PM
Sunday, November 10th, 11 AM to 6 PM
Format: 5 game round robin followed by modified double elimination playoff bracket. Minimum 7 games, with everyone still alive Sunday morning.
Entry Fee: $20
Prizes: All contestants will receive 2 promo cards. The winner of the tournament gets to pick 2 future Limited Edition cards.

The 5 game round robin will consist of 2 home games, 2 away games, and the final 5th game at London Stadium. The modified double elimination playoff bracket is a normal double elimination bracket up until the championship game, where the winners of the winners’ bracket and losers’ bracket will play in a 1 game championship for all the glory. Contestants will be emailed a link a week before the tournament to submit their roster and strategy card deck. Tournament registration and entry fee will be purchased through the website.

Tournament Rules

Rules: Standard rulebook and rulings errata.
Player Cards: All 2019 player cards.
Strategy Cards: All 2017-2019 strategy cards.
Roster: 25 man – 6,000 salary standard roster.
Stadium Cards: All 2019 stadium cards.
Strategy Cards: 40 card strategy deck with 10 card side board (standard rules apply).
Extra-Innings: During the playoff bracket, all extra-innings will begin with the previous batter starting at second base.

Spread the word and bring along friends and family to cheer you on! Let’s make this the best Clutch Baseball Tournament yet!