Clutch Baseball Stadiums #6-10


That 19-foot wall in Cleveland is going to hold back a few HR’s this year. Sign Mr. Smile, Francisco Lindor, to your roster and beat the effect.

Pitchers will gain a slight edge in Cleveland with -1 to their x-zone. So take advantage of 2/3 x-zone pitchers, and roster some Cleveland batters. Paying extra for 1 x-zone pitchers at home may not be worth it, with a minimum x-zone of 1. Roster pitchers like Shane Bieber & Aaron Civale to take full advantage of the pitcher effect (2 x-zone). Cleveland pitchers get +1 to the Pitch Roll during Clutch Moments. Between the main effect and pitcher effect, that would eliminate mistake pitches from 2 x-zone Cleveland pitchers during Clutch moments (without any other modifiers).


The windy city of Chicago will have major effects on Defensive Plays and Throws. Take advantage of a Chicago-N Baserunner bonus with speedsters like Javy Baez, and Kris Bryant.

All players will be effected by the -2 to all IF and OF Defensive Plays and Throws, but you can counter that effect by using hometown pitchers. If a Chicago-N Pitcher is on the mound, all Plays and Throws will be rolled using the Power-Die.

Remainder of Stadiums 6-10

Boston turns on the heat for the first two innings of each game, applying both Pitcher/Batter Clutch. You are safe from negative Clutch when using Boston players, as they are exempt from the effect. Chicago-A works as a “Blooper”, using the Chicago winds to drop singles on the highest Pitcher’s Chart FB. Chicago-A batters take advantage on both pitcher/batter charts. Cincinnati is a perfect Stadium for role players. Use Cincy batters off the bench for a +2 OB/+1 to the swing combo.

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