Clutch Baseball Stadiums #11-15


Colorado takes full advantage of altitude with this card. Colorado batters AND pitchers get +3 Clutch, and both may take full advantage of the Main Effect!

Once per inning (either offense or defense), you may utilize your player (with positive Clutch), and may expose your opponents player (if they have negative Clutch). You must also remember that this Stadium applies both pitcher and batters Clutch, so technically both players may benefit from it. You ALWAYS get a +1 Clutch bonus when it applies to a Colorado player. So this is a great Stadium to build a Colorado team around. Take full advantage with Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, Ryan McMahon, Daniel Murphy, Carlos Estevez, German Marquez, and Scott Oberg. They all have positive Clutch!

Los Angeles-N

Los Angles-N is a Solid Stadium effect, with very strong secondary effects. Build an entire LA-N team around this Stadium, and draw quickly through your strategy card deck.

After a successful Defensive Throw, you can shuffle ANY number of cards from your hand into your deck, and draw that many. So stack your lineup with LA-N batters, forcing your opponent to shuffle their entire hand back into their deck instead. Use a LA-N pitcher, and draw an additional bonus card. This Stadium is a triple threat!

Remainder of Stadiums 11-15

Detroit is the defensive version of Houston. It allows you to view your opponents hand after a 2+ K inning. Not sure if the Pitchers Effect is strong enough to make me use pitchers from Detroit’s rotation! Kansas City continues the stolen base theme it has featured in the past by limiting your battery to only your Catcher’s Defense (during SB attempts). Use Kansas Baserunners/Kansas Pitchers to draw bonus cards. Lastly, LA-A allows you to advance baserunners’ to 3rd after a 1B by discarding a card from your hand. This makes small ball a lot more interesting for a team with very powerful hitters.

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