Clutch Baseball Stadiums #16-20


Minnesota hit a record 307 homeruns last season, so expect nothing less from the most powerful Stadium card in Clutch Baseball this year.

Minnesota is the perfect Stadium card for battling a tough pitching squad. It will +1 to the pitcher’s X-Zone, with Minnesota pitchers negating the effect. This makes their 2 X-Zone rotation of Berrios, Odorizzi, and Maeda comparable to a rotation of 1 X-Zone pitchers. They have a full bullpen of 1/2 X-Zone pitchers, giving the home team a clear advantage with this Stadium effect. Finish your opponent off with a lineup of (very good) Minnesota batters, who will all receive -1 to the Pitch Roll during a Clutch Moment.

New York

New York is a tough place to play under pressure. You better bring some Clutch players to the Bronx, or this Stadium will make you pay.

These Savages from the Bronx have plenty of positive Clutch options when building around this Stadium. DJ LeMahieu lead their offense last year, and has a +3 Clutch to show for it. Five of their seven batters have positive Clutch, and they have a great rotation to balance the pitching effect. You may not be able to build this expensive team around Gerrit Cole, but there are plenty of bullpen options. Building around a bullpen may be smarter anyway. Bring in that NY-A arm during the late innings, when your opponent will be looking to play Power-Die cards that effect high-level Clutch Moments.

Remainder of Stadiums 16-20

If you don’t want to effect the game as drastically as New York, use a speed themed roster in Miami. All baserunners’ Clutch is applied to their speed during Clutch Moments. You’re safe to use any Miami player, even if they have negative Clutch, if you please. But this card really opens the door to any +2/3 Clutch player from ANY team. Although it’s very intriguing to utilize the Miami Pitcher effect, that allows you to draw 1 card after each Baserunner is thrown out during a Clutch Moment. We’re looking at you Sandy Alcantara. Milwaukee is the mirror effect of LA-A, which will also work well for speed-themed teams. The Stadium in Queens is a little more quirky. This stadium’s effect allows you to take 2nd base (automatically) if it’s open after the highest 1B on the batters chart. Roster a lot of Speed A/B batters for this extra power-boost in your lineup, and roster the solid New York-N pitchers if you want to limit your opponent to speed A baserunners.

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