Clutch Baseball Stadiums #21-25


All that empty real-estate in foul territory can be tricky. Take advantage of weak defensive teams with the Oakland Stadium card.

It really stinks getting out on your own batters chart. Don’t you wish you could re-roll that swing, especially during that Clutch Moment? Use Oakland to force your opponent to make a Defensive Play after all batter’s chart FB’s. If it fails, you get another pitch rolled. Use Matt Chapman, or any of the Oakland batters, and you can re-roll the swing; instead of getting a new pitch thrown! You can make things easier on yourself (adding Pitcher’s Defense) by using good defenders like Jake Diekman, or Joakim Soria, who are both+3 defense.


Philadelphia takes a page from the playbook on this one, as the main effect increases handedness bonuses.

Unfortunately Philadelphia’s offense isn’t loaded with handedness bonus batters. Rhys Hoskins (12 L+1 becomes a L+2), Jean Segura (11 R+1 becomes a R+2), and Adam Haseley (9 R+2 becomes a R+3). But Philadelphia’s pitchers 100% make up for it, because ALL OF THEM have handedness bonuses. Seranthony Dominguez and Ranger Suarez already cap out at +3, but the remaining 5 can benefit from it. Take advantage with Strategy Cards, and bullpen matchups.

Remainder of Stadiums 21-25

Pittsburgh’s effect is representing it’s league leading BB factor from 2019. The lowest 1B on the Pitcher’s Chart becomes a BB, unless there is a Pittsburgh Pitcher on the hill. Then you actually have the option to choose. This can help you “work the count” on opposing pitchers. San Diego is a “rally” stadium for the losing team. It activates when the game is tied or you are losing. The secondary effects only activate when you have the advantage, but it’s a good incentive to build around SD players. San Francisco allows you to swap a middle infielder (SS/2B) with your pitchers defense during a SB attempt. It even allows you to re-roll a failed SB attempt with a San Francisco Baserunner. Good luck though, their fastest guy is Evan Longoria at Speed 12-C.

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