Clutch Baseball Stadiums #26-30

St. Louis

The “best fans in baseball” will be on their feet after each DP turned. Pack your team with speedsters from ANY team when using this Stadium!

You will draw 1 card after each successful double play turned (on defense) no matter who your defenders are, or who the batter is. Build a solid defensive infield, and make sure your team is quick enough to beat out double play attempts. You do get -3 to each double play attempt (with a St. Louis batter). The slowest one is speed 11, so technically a speed 19 (with the -3 bonus & +5 speed bonus on a DP), so they are all decent options. Use any St. Louis pitcher, like ground ball specialist Dakota Hudson, to benefit from a 2-for-1 effect.


Texas Stadium reflects their #1 ranking in Ballpark Factors in 2019, runs.

This is going to be a fun Stadium card to play if you pack your lineup with the affordable batters from Texas. After an inning when you score, you can choose to draw an additional card or have your opponent discard a card. The versatility of this Stadium is interesting, but it can also hurt you if your opponent scores. If you want to take advantage of the Texas Basrunner effect, the entire offense is very affordable. The only batter that is more than 250 salary is Danny Santana, who is worth every bit of his 350 salary. Of the 7 batters, 4 have a speed of 14 or higher making scoring a lot easier.

Remainder of Stadiums 26-30

Seattle resembles a similar Stadium card to LA-N from last season. You may draw 1 or have an opponent discard after a 1-2-3 inning. You get the same draw 1/discard 1 for the Seattle Pitcher’s effect, but you can avoid the effect all together if a Seattle batter makes the 3rd out. Tampa Bay uses it’s artificial turf to limit IF Throw’s to the plate as a Defensive Play (rather than Defensive Throw’s). This can make it more of a challenge for the defense on a slow batter, or it’s possible the quickly hit ball may make it harder for speedsters (21+ speed) to score. Toronto reflects the highest HR ballpark factor in the MLB last season. Draw 1 card after each XBH, and draw 2/discard 1 with a Toronto batter. Completely negate the effect with a Toronto pitcher, like the newly aquired Hyun-Jin Ryu!

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